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Why choose Turfgrip T50 ?

T50 is our leading two-part adhesive in the Turfgrip range. It can bond in wet or dry conditions, making it a versatile choice for installers. T50 surpasses FIFA standards and is popular on sports pitches globally.

Product details

General info

Sizes: 6.5kg (small) or 12kg (large)

Pallet quantity (6.5kg): 100 kits / pallet

Pallet quantity (12kg): 48 kits / pallet

Colour: Green (RAL 6010)


Sqm coverage: 1kg = 1sqm

Recommended coverage (on 200mm wide seam tape): 3-4m per kg

Recommended coverage (on 300mm wide seam tape): 2-3m per kg


Skin formation (working time): 15-40 minutes at 20°C

Curing time (working strength): 5-6 hours at 20°C

Curing time (full strength): 24 hours at 20°C

Technical data

Application temp: 10-30 degrees

Temp. resistance once cured: -20 - 120 degrees

Solids content: 100%

Exceeds FIFA standards

Turfgrip T50 surpasses FIFA standards when used with Turfgrip S300 and S400 seaming tape and has been widely used on multiple sports surfaces across the world including; football pitches, rugby pitches, hockey pitches and tennis courts

Guarenteed performance

The Turfgrip T50 is covered by our Turfgrip Guarantee when used in conjunction with our Turfgrip S300 and S400 Seam Tape.

Customer feedback

The T50 is the best glue by far for bonding in cold and wet conditions. It also is very easy to use and is much stronger than the product we used before.

— ACL Tennis - USA