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Why choose Turfgrip T10 ?

T10, our best-selling adhesive from the Turfgrip range, is the ultimate 'Multi-Purpose' solution for artificial grass. With its ability to bond in wet or dry conditions, it is highly versatile and essential for every installer.

Product details

General info

Size: 300ml cartridge

Box quantity: 12 cartridges / box

Pallet quantity: 1,248 cartridges (104 boxes) / pallet

Colour: Green (RAL 6010)


Linear M coverage: Approximately 10 linear metres per cartridge

Recommended coverage (on 200mm wide seam tape): 3-4m per cartridge

Recommended coverage (for perimeter edging): 6-8m per cartridge


Skin formation (working time): 15-30 minutes at 20°C

Curing time (working strength): 5-6 hours at 20°C

Curing time (full strength): 24 hours at 20°C

Density: 1.5g/cm3

Hardness Shore A: =55A

Technical data

Density: 1.5g/cm3

Hardness Shore A: =55A

Tensile Strength: >2.5Mpa

Elongation at break: >200%

Completely free from cancer causing Carcinogens and Isocyanates

Unlike aqua bond, Turfgrip T10 is 100% hazardous free. Specifically, T10 does not contain the hazard warning 'H351 Suspected of causing cancer', meaning you can use Turfgrip T10 with peace of mind that your health is protected.

Guarenteed performance

The Turfgrip T10 is covered by our Turfgrip Guarantee when used in conjunction with our Turfgrip L200 Seam Tape.

Customer feedback

We switched from Aqua Bond to the T10 this year and the lads have all been impressed with the performance. Feedback has been that it bonds better in the wet and that it doesn't foam up like Aqua Bond does sometimes which makes it much easier to use.

— Eternal Lawns - Leeds, UK