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Why choose Turfgrip T600 ?

Formulated using the latest in MS Polymer technology, Turfgrip T600 eco-sachets are filled with the same high performance formulation as our Turfgrip T10 300ml cartridges. There are double the size and double the coverage as a standard adhesive tube!

Product details

General info

Size: 600ml eco-sachet

Box quantity: 20 eco-sachets / box

Pallet quantity: 680 eco-sachets (34 boxes) / pallet

Colour: Green (RAL 6010)


Linear M coverage: Approximately 20 linear metres per eco-sachet

Recommended coverage (on 200mm wide seam tape): 6-8m per eco-sachet

Recommended coverage (for perimeter edging): 12-16m per eco-sachet


Skin formation (working time): 15-30 minutes at 20°C

Curing time (working strength): 5-6 hours at 20°C

Curing time (full strength): 24 hours at 20°C

Technical data

Density: 1.5g/cm3

Hardness Shore A: =55A

Tensile Strength: >2.5Mpa

Elongation at break: >200%

25% price savings compared to conventional 300ml cartridges

You can save around 25% by using an eco-sachet instead of a cartridge. Each 600ml eco-sachet covers the same amount as 2 x 300ml cartridges, but offers a considerable price saving.

95% less plastic waste

By using a 600ml eco-sachet, you can achieve the same results as using 2 x 300ml cartridges, while also reducing plastic waste by 95%.

Customer feedback

Everyone has been happy with the foils and they work really well. It's definitely cheaper and it also help when we are talking to local councils about sustainability too.

— Play Surfacing UK, Midlands